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COVID Safety & Back to Collaborating… Come Take a Look!

Posted on: September 18, 2020
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Faster. Smarter. Together & Safer.

Workbox opened its doors again on June 8th and we’ve been delighted by the positive feedback from our members about how nice it has been to once again connect with colleagues, collaborate with other members, and get business moving forward again.

We also have been proud to hear from members about how safe they feel at Workbox.

  • Safe because of our private office model.
  • Safe because of additional spatial distancing measures.
  • Safe because of all the sanitation protocols and new air filtration features.
  • Safe because everyone is doing their part to wear protective facial coverings.

The remote work environment has many benefits. Yet, sitting in isolation has taken its toll on the internal workings of companies and the mental health of staff. Building team culture, maintaining trust with customers, and improving communication takes a balanced approach to connection.

Workbox has fully embraced new virtual technologies to elevate communication, efficiency and reach in the current environment as well as for the future well beyond this crisis. However, we also understand that some aspects of life and work are done better in person. Thus, we will continue to elevate safety protocols so that everyone who needs or wants in person connections to colleagues, customers and other community members can do so safely.

We invite all individuals to come take a look at our open community of collaborators, leaders, and businesses that are back to work and pushing forward.

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