We are a team of entrepreneurs whose passion is working with other local entrepreneurs.

We believe that when you bring together local decision makers with courageous ideas in a workplace that invites interaction, good things are bound to happen.

We started Workbox because we wanted to help local startups succeed. We understood that young growing companies needed more support than basic office accommodation, so we have levered our own experiences in financial and professional services to build a platform of partners to help members access capital, services and educational resources.

Workbox was born in Chicago and we partner with other local resources that understand the thriving startup community in our city. Our partners all share our passion for helping local entrepreneurs scale and desire to elevate Chicago’s presence in the startup landscape.

We’re here to help you grow local.


John Wallace

Co-Founder, CEO

John is Co-Founder of Workbox. John started Workbox because it gave him the opportunity to use his past experiences to help local businesses grow. Prior to Workbox, John’s background was in global equity investments working at companies such as Brookfield Asset Management, LaSalle Investment Management and Legg Mason. He spent several years living and working abroad in Amsterdam and Hong Kong before moving back to the US and settling in to what he believes is the greatest city in the world- Chicago. He received an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS from the University of Maryland.

John’s hobbies include running, travel and sampling all the great restaurants Chicago has to offer. He and his wife Nicole live in Lincoln Park.

Dustin Braunreiter

Co-Founder, Advisor

Dustin is Co-Founder of Workbox. He believes workplace environments that stimulate collaboration and fun are key to career fulfillment. Previously a physician and business strategy consultant, Dustin enjoys working with people to solve problems and help them achieve their goals. Prior to Workbox, Dustin worked in strategy consulting with Boston Consulting Group in Chicago. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago, an MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a BA from the University of Montana.

When not enjoying Chicago’s lakefront and restaurants, Dustin loves spending time on the water in Michigan or the mountains of Montana.

Tawny Safieddine

Community Associate

Tawny is a Community Associate at Workbox. She has had the privilege of working in a variety of different industries and environments, but overall enjoys connecting with people. Tawny studied Radio/Television/Film and English Literature at Northwestern University. She loves the arts and spends her free time writing, drawing, and performing. She is in constant pursuit of finding her favorite burger in Chicago.

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