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Desk Space vs Office Space Rental for Early Stage Startups

Posted on: May 12, 2021
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Procuring office space in the early stages of your startup doesn’t mean you have to stick to cubicles or rent large offices. You get to decide what works best for your team. Office spaces today are challenging the traditional definition of what an office space should look like. Committing to an office space is no easy task. There are many factors to consider. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide for deciding between desk space rental and leasing an office space for your early-stage startup.

Working from an office does not look the same for every business. Some choose an executive suite or lease private office space in a building downtown. Other startups choose to rent desk space from a trendy coworking space. When just starting, it’s hard to choose the best option for your team.

Desk Space Rental

Companies in the initial stage of business are often searching for smaller and less expensive office space. Early stage startups can benefit from the flexibility and shorter-term commitment offered by renting desk space in a coworking space.

A more professional solution than working alone in a coffee shop, coworking desk space rental is extremely affordable. Most offer month-to-month membership rates. You can choose from a dedicated desk that’s yours to use every day or a less expensive ‘hot desk’ option for the ultimate flexibility to utilize the different workspaces to fit your needs for the day.

Coworking space is springing up all over major cities. These flexible office communities allow your startup to remain nimble as it changes and expands.

Move-in Ready

When you rent desk space, you can get to work right away. There’s no time spent negotiating lease terms, ordering furniture, or completing an office build-out. Coworking space communities include everything you need to work efficiently:

  • An abundance of power outlets
  • Lots of desk space
  • Creative but functional furniture
  • Commercial-speed Wi-Fi connections

Some flexible coworking spaces even boast amenities such as:

  • Workout gyms
  • Nap rooms
  • Pet-friendly areas
  • Printer access
  • Snacks and coffee
  • Quirky decor

Flexibility in Size and Location

Early-stage startups come with their share of uncertainty, which makes desk space rental an attractive option. This flexible solution enables you to scale staff up or down as needed without committing long term. You’re also able to move around until you find the ideal location to establish your business.

Another benefit to coworking spaces is the flexibility in layout. You can choose an office space that works for your team right now without investing in furniture or square footage. With flexible workspaces, desk configuration varies widely. Some spaces function as a traditional office while others resemble a lounge area. Desks may be set up throughout a network of connected rooms or positioned in one big open room.

For some, the frequent change of people and surroundings makes every day feel like a fresh start. It helps your team feel stimulated and optimistic about the work ahead.

The entrepreneur who keeps a heavy travel schedule may not find it necessary to pay for ongoing office space. Renting desk space lets you take advantage of the daily, weekly, or monthly payment options most flexible offices offer. Plus, coworking chains such as Workbox offer floating memberships that give you the option to work from other offices within their network. You’ll always have a place to work on the road.

Building Like-Minded Success

If you thrive on social interaction, renting a desk from a coworking space offers the freedom of entrepreneurship with the social benefits of working beside like-minded professionals. These spaces are most often used by early-stage startups, solopreneurs, and freelancers. So, you’re surrounded by people who are also building a business.

Some flexible office spaces specialize in growing new businesses and early-stage startups. In fact, some specifically cultivate a coworking crowd to boost everyone’s success by targeting specific industries, like technology or creative companies.

When you rent desk space inside an incubator program, such as the Plus Membership offered by Workbox, you can expect to be provided with resources and services to nurture your business development—but you’ll need to be accepted into these programs.

Working in an environment where you can regularly engage with others is a great way to learn from and connect over day-to-day issues. Networking with others facing similar operating challenges can be a huge boost to your and your team’s motivation. Plus, many business collaborations have been forged over a coffee station conversation!

Overall Benefits of Desk Space Rentals

Renting desk space in a coworking office offers many benefits to an early-stage startup, such as flexibility, networking opportunities, shorter lease terms, and a move-in ready space. Working alongside other entrepreneurs also provides networking opportunities that will help you grow your business.

Office Space Rental

As you establish your new business, your company might benefit from having a stable office space. Leasing a private office offers your early-stage startup the opportunity to customize your environment from the beginning—shaping the company and culture you’re working to build.

There are many other advantages, as well. With your own space, you’ll never have to reserve a conference room, worry about someone moving your belongings, or deal with constant disruptions from others.

Privacy at a Desk Space Rental vs Office Space Rental


Coworking offices are known for their open-office layout to encourage conversation and networking. However, the constant noise and activity of a bustling office can be too distracting for some.

Without physical privacy, it may be hard to concentrate on a client call, knowing others are within earshot.

If your business deals with sensitive information—finances, government documents, personal details—you may be better off speaking in the privacy of your own office instead of constantly looking for a quiet spot in a coworking space.


When you dreamed of your business early on, did you envision an office with your logo displayed prominently on the wall?

When you rent your own office space, you’re free to display your company logo anywhere you’d like.

Your workspace reflects your brand, company image, and style; it sets the stage for landing the right clients. When you interview a potential employee or meet with a client, your office should immediately convey a sense of your startup’s values and culture. This could mean decorating with a certain type of furniture or playing a specific type of music.

Personalizing your office signals to prospective clients that you know where your business is headed while enforcing a sense of structure and job security to your team.

Company Culture

Many budding founders struggle to define their company’s culture when their workers are spread out. To build a strong startup culture, you need a space to bring your team together. Renting private office space also means that employees work more directly with company founders, fostering an open and collaborative culture from the start.

Working alongside each other regularly allows team members to form strong bonds and promotes creative problem solving and open communication. When you have a dedicated space of your own, company culture is learned through the sense of community, shared identity, and common everyday practices that reinforce your company values.

Overall Benefits of Rental Space

Renting a traditional office space provides early-stage startups with a professional place to meet with clients, conduct private business, and bond with employees. Your personalized office space helps to convey your brand personality and gives you total control over your office environment.

And don’t forget that renting your own space means your business can be listed on Google Maps, making it easier for prospective clients and customers to find you!

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