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Community, Creativity, Connectivity:
Workbox Salt Lake City’s Unique Blend

Posted on: November 7, 2023
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From the enthusiasm of the local business community and number of large financial organizations, to the vibrancy of the natural landscape of Utah, Salt Lake City (SLC) offers a unique blend of community, creativity, and connectivity for businesses looking for a coworking space and flexible office spaces like Workbox.

This city is known for its thriving business environment, diverse workforce, and a culture of innovation. Whether you are already in SLC or looking to relocate, here’s how these elements come together to create an ideal environment for coworking, expanding your network, and growing your business with the support of Workbox and the great people of SLC.

The SLC Business Community

Salt Lake City fosters a sense of community among businesses and professionals through a number of private, public, and governmental resources. Organizations such as the Salt Lake Chamber play a significant role in facilitating connections and providing resources to local businesses.

For example, the Chamber offers a number of ‘Signature Programs’ focused on providing chances to grow both personally and professionally, learn from other experts in your field, and build stronger relationships in the form of their Business Women’s Forum, Military Affairs Committee (MAC) connecting local businesses with military installations, and the important Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Training Series, sponsored by their sustaining partners Semnani Family Foundation and Zions Bank.

Alongside the great governmental systems, events and programs, a key amenity of coworking spaces–including Workbox–are the many networking events, workshops, and meetups that encourage collaboration and the exchanging of ideas amongst members.

For those looking to relocate to Utah’s capital SLC maintains a strong, supportive ecosystem. The city’s business community is supportive and welcoming, making it easy for startups and entrepreneurs to connect, share insights, and seek advice.

Creativity, Environment, and Innovation

Salt Lake City has emerged as a hub for technology and innovation. The city has also gained the name “Silicon Slopes” thanks to the environment and its growth as a hub for technology, beginning to rival California’s Silicon Valley. According to Economic Impact Catalyst, a technology and market research firm, SLC is a “rising star” in the entrepreneur space due to:

“The city’s robust support network, low cost of living [comparative to salaries], and collaborative environment have fueled its growth as a hub for startups, particularly in industries such as outdoor recreation, healthcare technology, and software development.”

The coworking spaces in the city often attract a diverse range of creative professionals, from tech startups to artists, fostering a dynamic, creativity-driven, and innovative atmosphere. Businesses in the area are growing, thanks to the steady influx of new residents, degreed tech professionals and skilled graduates. The city is home to numerous universities, drawing a pool of talented individuals in various fields.

Utah universities, like Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, have adapted their curriculum to include specialized courses in financial technology, healthcare, and other growing industries, further enhancing the skill set of aspiring professionals. Coworking spaces serve as a platform for businesses to tap into this talent pool as many graduates find themselves joining organizations with remote work opportunities while others pursue building their own businesses–making coworking a great opportunity for networking and cost-effective office space.

Local culture and outdoor recreation

Salt Lake City’s proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities, including world-class skiing, hiking, and national parks, can help create a balanced and appealing work-life environment for employees. Combined with the city’s vibrant cultural scene, complete with museums like the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Clark Planetarium, theaters, and a range of exquisite culinary options, provides a well-rounded experience for both residents and visiting professionals.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Salt Lake City’s location in the Mountain West region positions it as a central point for business in the western United States. This location makes it a great hub for companies looking to expand their market reach.

SLC features an excellent infrastructure. The city boasts a reliable public transportation system, easy access to the Salt Lake City International Airport, and a well-developed digital infrastructure, ensuring that businesses stay well-connected with the world. SLC has gone as far as developing City Connect. This flagship Digital Equity initiative provides public WIFI hotspots in community centers and parks throughout the city. Through a public-private partnership with Comcast, SLC provides “Lift Zones” which provide free, high quality internet access to students as well.

Salt Lake City’s Unparalleled Coworking Synergy

To sum it all up, Salt Lake City’s coworking spaces offer an environment that combines a strong sense of community, a culture of creativity and innovation, excellent connectivity, and a business-friendly ecosystem. This unique blend makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a coworking space that encourages collaboration, growth, and success.

Ready to level up? Join the SLC coworking community and let us help you reach your goals. Contact Workbox today to book a tour of our newest location in Utah or get more details by visiting our Salt Lake City – City Center location, located in the historic Orpheum Theater.