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Introducing the Fall 2023 Future of Work Accelerator Class

Posted on: September 14, 2023

This dynamic group of startups is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of work, using cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to tackle the biggest challenges facing the workforce today. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the exciting companies in this cohort and give you a sneak peek at what they’re working on.

James Kim, CEO & Founder 

AlumSum ( empowers student loan borrowers to take control of their financial health, simplifying complex decisions about student loan repayment. AlumSum finds the most effective repayment strategies for each unique situation, showing all loan and provider information in a single dashboard in a much more digestible way so that borrowers can pay down their student debt faster and save money on interest.

Boone Bergsma, CEO & Founder 

Blockchain Laboratories ( is a web3 venture studio that is building tokenization SaaS for multiple use cases and using distributed ledger technology to create sustainable business models that have societal and environmental benefits in addition to being profitable. The platform empowers brands to host, tokenize, and manage digital assets on their own domain. Their solution significantly reduces brands costs and time-to-market, and through the utilization of Blockchain Laboratories Tokenization SaaS, they are developing a versatile multi-chain technology stack that enables customers to seamlessly engage with leading blockchain and DLT networks.

Ravishankar Madarasu, Founder & CEO, Saraswati Ravishnakar, Co-Founder & COO, Shankar Narayan, CTO

Deeproot ( is a pioneering force in the global workforce landscape with a mission to empower businesses to source, onboard, and manage tech talent worldwide at local costs, disrupting traditional IT industry norms. The company is committed to promoting equal opportunities and eliminating inflated personnel costs. revolutionizes the job seeker’s journey through innovative AI-powered solutions for skill development programs, virtual career coaching, and peer-to-peer assessments, making them ‘globally employable.’ Join them on this transformative journey toward a sustainable and more equitable future.

David Abrams, Co-founder & CEO, Kirk Stephens, Co-founder & CMO, Stacey Gallippi, Head of Product

HILO ( digitizes the customer experience (CX) where people work and live with a one-stop, user-configured, personalized, and AI-enabled platform to improve and simplify people’s lives.

Jag Stanly, CEO & Founder 

Hopspace ( is a powerful all-in-one Hybrid Workspace Management platform offering on-demand workspaces and day-office subscriptions as a cost-effective, employee friendly and sustainable alternative to fixed term rentals. Think Uber for offices.

Shegun Holder, CEO & Co-Founder

Joie ( is a B2B SaaS subscription that empowers people leaders, including CEOs and Heads of People, at companies scaling their business and attracting talent. It enables them to enhance the employee experience with cost-efficient, accessible, inclusive, and inspirational third workplaces beyond the office and home, and assist middle managers in driving recruitment, retention, and engagement outcomes.

Sara Agate, CEO & Founder 

MuniTask ( is democratizing access to economic opportunities and jobs with their artificial intelligence product, Janet. Much like the emergency room being open 365/24/7 for people, the door to non-profit and government services must follow to meet the economic needs of the people.

Jason Batt, Co-Founder & Rupert Harding, Co-Founder

OwnLife ( enables overwhelmed knowledge workers to make targeted changes to their self-care routines that will allow them to perform closer to their potential in all aspects of their lives. The world-first approach integrates cognitive and biometric data with analytics, virtual coaching, and deep behavioral change techniques to build awareness, insight, and motivation to permanently shift mindsets and measurably enhance personal productivity.

Ali Tuncel, Founder & CEO, Ilker Kursunlugil, Partner & CBO 

T4 People Analytics ( empowers businesses by transforming traditional HR functions into data-driven decision makers with user-friendly advanced HR analytics solutions. Our comprehensive people analytics solutions include AI-based flight risk prediction, applicant scoring, burnout risk anticipation, and more, providing actionable insights and impact measurement features to shape the future of the workplace and workforce.

From Workbox Ventures:

We’re excited to partner with these innovative founders as they build with us in the Future of Work Accelerator cohort. To learn more about the cohort and to stay updated on their progress, be sure to follow us on our social channels. And if you’re interested in investment opportunities or want to learn more about our accelerator program, our inboxes are always open at Workbox Ventures. Let’s shape the future of work together!