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Intern Spotlight: Meet Our 2024 Interns!

Posted on: June 25, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the newest additions to the Workbox team for the summer! Three talented interns have joined us across our Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, and Ventures departments.

Meet Our Interns:

Lupe Gaspar, Finance & Accounting Intern                                                                             

Lupe is a senior finance major at the University of Illinois – Chicago. She brings dedication to her role as a Finance and Accounting Intern, having gained prior experience in financial management and client relations while working at a credit union. Lupe excels in financial analysis and strategic planning, evaluating revenue losses, and conducting comprehensive invoice reviews.

In her free time, Lupe enjoys crocheting, giving back to her community through financial literacy initiatives, and assisting her family with personal financial endeavors.


Cole Hillner, Marketing Intern                                                                                                                  

Cole is a senior at Butler University, pursuing dual degrees in marketing and finance. Cole brings creativity and analytical acumen to his role as a marketing intern at Workbox, helping drive strategic initiatives to enhance consumer engagement across owned media, including the company’s website and social media channels.

Outside of Workbox, Cole previously managed a social media account for a car club, helping organize events for all car enthusiasts to enjoy. At Butler, he serves as Chief Marketing Officer for a student-run business and is tasked with boosting the company’s brand awareness. Cole’s diverse interests include art, graphic design, and photography, along with his passion for automobiles, which extends to customization and maintenance.


Miles Reeves, Real Estate/Venture Capital Analyst Intern                                                     

Miles is a rising sophomore at Harvard University, pursuing a double major in economics and history. Splitting his time between Workbox Ventures and the Real Estate division, Miles is leveraging his analytical skills and strategic thinking to assist in raising funds and support Workbox’s expansion efforts.

Beyond his internship, Miles enjoys making music, playing volleyball, and exploring automotive innovation through car modifications.


What They’re Up To:

During their time at Workbox, Lupe, Cole, and Miles will have the opportunity to work on real projects, contribute fresh ideas, and learn from experienced professionals in their respective industries. 

We encourage all members of the Workbox community to extend a warm welcome to our interns and say hello if you see them around the space! 

Connect with Our Interns:

You can connect with Lupe, Cole, and Miles on LinkedIn to learn more about their backgrounds and interests.