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Introducing the Spring 2023 Future of Work Accelerator Class

Posted on: May 8, 2023
group call on discussion of the future of Workbox Accelerator

This dynamic group of startups is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of work, using cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to tackle the biggest challenges facing the workforce today. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the exciting companies in this cohort and give you a sneak peek at what they’re working on.


Marko Wathen, Co-Founder & Sukanta Goswami, Co-Founder 

Adelant ( – Toronto, Canada: Adelant is an all-in-one human-centric solution that accelerates employee onboarding and facilitates finding, accessing, and understanding of the workplace information they need from day one. With interconnected information and a unique radiant user interface, Adelant enhances employee onboarding and expedites time-to-productivity, reducing costly employee churn due to poor onboarding.

 James Flavin, CEO & Founder 

KiteEdge ( – London, England: KiteEdge helps large enterprises turn siloed knowledge into an advantage by surfacing hidden and inaccessible insights. KiteEdge centralizes enterprise data, making the resulting insights accessible through a single access point. They also provide a sandbox environment for understanding the value of large language models on company data. KiteEdge’s intuitive search interface empowers employees to improve productivity, decision making, and knowledge-sharing across the enterprise, while retaining IP within the organization.

Pete Mastin, CEO & Co-founder 

Learnie ( – Atlanta, Georgia: Learnie provides byte-sized peer-to-peer learning, resulting in increased employee retention and strategic upskilling. The Learnie ecosystems are decentralized and democratized by design to meet the needs of hybrid and distributed teams, including distracted, disengaged, and deskless workers. Implementing Learnie is easy, using curriculum builders, screen recordings, user analytics, and xAPI integration.


Andre Johnson, Founder  

LiveEquipd ( – Chicago, Illinois: LiveEquipd reimagines equipment procurement for healthcare professionals and their patients with paralysis related disabilities, turning the focus from administrative processes to holistic patient care. With a user-friendly AI-enabled interface and intelligent search tools, LiveEquipd simplifies the equipment procurement process. Their platform’s centralized management aggregates relevant medical equipment, supplies, and assistive technology that suits patients’ individual needs, and provides impactful resources for better patient outcomes.

Xander Groesbeek, Founder 

Rate My Meeting ( – Amsterdam, Netherlands: Rate My Meeting fosters a culture of candid feedback that enables companies to turn costly, burdensome meetings into productive, actionable, high-performance meetings. Rate My Meeting collects peer feedback on leadership, facilitation, and communication, and tracks progress over time. Years of experience, enriched by AI, provides clear, actionable insights for all attendees. Rate My Meeting empowers your organization to create an engaging, collaborative culture—resulting in improved communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Kurt Pichler, CEO & Founder 

Viewpoint AI ( – Vancouver, Canada: Viewpoint AI combines the best of human expertise and artificial intelligence to empower everyone to make measurably better decisions. The AI continues to learn with each use. It combines all data and expert insight into a cohesive whole, suggests relevant decision factors, and anticipates risk. It builds an ever-expanding library of knowledge for reuse and refinement.


Ewelina Robaczek, CEO & Founder 

Vouchery ( – San Mateo, California: Vouchery is an AI-Powered Promotion Infrastructure that helps brands to automate personalized e-commerce promotions, increasing the Promotional ROI as a result.  The company’s platform helps to trigger relevant offers in a timely manner at every step of the customer journey—driving action and shaping customer engagement at all touchpoints. As a result, clients are able to make the coupon processes sleek and secure. The company’s mission is to build a contextual incentive system to nudge consumer behavior towards positive societal outcomes and ultimately drive equitable and sustainable consumer relationships.

Eric Sutfin, Founder 

ZEAL ( – Denver, Colorado: Zeal is the ultimate personalized AI travel app to effectively live, work, and roam globally. As the hub for all things remote, they are the only social remote work app for a seamless personalized global experience that connects travelers to the products, resources, and destinations that make remote work easy all from your fingertips. With community collaboration at the forefront, ZEAL’s local insights and knowledge is invaluable for travelers to make the most of their travel experience for weeks or months at a time. ZEAL is committed to empowering global citizens to work and live remotely, while elevating the standards of tourism through collaboration and shared experiences.

We’re excited to partner with these innovative founders as they build with us in the Future of Work Accelerator cohort. To learn more about the cohort and to stay updated on their progress, be sure to follow us on our social channels. And if you’re interested in investment opportunities or want to learn more about our accelerator program, our inboxes are always open at Workbox Ventures. Lets shape the future of work together!