Blog > Why we chose Columbus, and why you should too! Exploring Workbox’s location in Columbus’ Short North Arts District

Why we chose Columbus, and why you should too! Exploring Workbox’s location in Columbus’ Short North Arts District

Posted on: January 31, 2024

The Columbus region is central to many industries, given the state’s connection to Lake Erie, John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Highway 70, and so much more. With such a strong corridor for businesses, the Columbus area has an incredibly diversified economy, with no single major industry representing more than 18 to 22 percent of employment.

“Columbus offers the perfect combination of great entrepreneurship, a robust investment community, and a collaborative business ecosystem,” John Wallace, CEO and Co-Founder of Workbox, said about the announcement of Workbox’s grand opening in Short North in August of 2023.

When Workbox decided to open a coworking space in Ohio, selecting the right location was paramount. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider The Short North of Columbus, Ohio for your business operations.

All About Columbus, Ohio’s Short North

Short North is often referred to as Columbus, Ohio’s version of New York’s artsy Soho district. Many sources credit the name of this Ohio, Midwestern neighborhood and the communities surrounding it, to the refreshed and refurbished urban area. With its diverse boutiques, acclaimed art galleries, coffee houses, and 4.5+ star restaurants just steps away from offices and historic theaters, the neighborhood exudes vibrancy and charm.

As the American Planning Association puts it in their “Great Places in America” report:

“A visionary group of citizen advocates, inspired by the successful redevelopment of nearby German Village, was optimistic that a similar turnaround was possible for Short North.

“Community champions, including local developer and private property owner Sandy Wood and planners and local business owners John Allen and Greg Carr, dreamed of a neighborhood that preserved the historic architecture and charm of Columbus landmarks and invited neighbors to visit something special. The Short North Arts District was soon born.”

By building on the foundations of the architecture, construction, and blend of this area, the community leaders revitalized the area and renewed the culture, without taking away what gives the district its character.

Short North’s Focus on the Arts and Inclusivity

With a rich history, combined with its modern advancements, the Short North is a creative hive. This mixture helped grow the diverse businesses, professionals, and talent located in the district. For those in creative spaces, such as music, arts, website design or development, the focus on artistic expression helps spur creativity. While the historic nature of Short North attracts both traditional businesses, along with architecture and construction industries, the modernization of downtown Columbus supports all of these categories. 

From a culture and inclusivity standpoint, Matador has recognized the Short North as a region fostering LGBTQIA+ acceptance and representation, reflecting its commitment to culture and inclusivity. This neighborhood provides a safe and welcoming environment for diverse styles, individuals, and businesses, allowing creativity to thrive. Beyond downtown Columbus, the inclusivity extends with surrounding areas also embracing diversity and providing welcoming spaces. These regions boast expansive green spaces, various recreational activities, family-friendly environments, and versatile event venues, all contributing to a vibrant community atmosphere.

As you can tell, there are many important business considerations and values that these elements of the district add to the win column. 

Why We Chose Short North and You Should Too!

We believe that our locations are an extension of our own team and our passion for the communities we become a part of. Within the Short North community surrounding our coworking office, there is a strong infrastructure to support growing and established businesses, but also a rich history that welcomes a deeper dive. From the art studios and classic theaters, to the new convention center and access to many industrial pathways, this is a great choice for any business. Want to ask us more about it? We’d love to talk to you.

Coworking spaces are excellent environments to foster creativity and entrepreneurship. Combining this atmosphere with regular community events, local attractions, and a flow of newcomers and customers, this Short North shared workspace offers ideal working conditions. Modern and flexible work environments help attract and retain talent, in many business facets, leading to the development of new ideas and technologies. And, because of the culture and surrounding communities, families also find welcoming neighbors and residential areas.

Our Short North location contains several amenities, perks, restaurants, and activities in close proximity to the Workbox office. Amenities for members include a large open kitchen, outdoor terrace, weekly food and networking offerings, multiple lounge areas, private conference rooms, and phone booths. 

This coworking location includes over 95 office spaces, with private offices ranging from 1-10 desks. There are also floating memberships and reserved desk options for those looking for individual plans. Membership pricing starts at $250 per month. 

Find out more about the location and schedule a tour by visiting our Columbus, Ohio – Short North location page.